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    Online Counseling

    We now have a convenient Online Alcohol, Drug Assessments & Counseling program designed for those who have difficulty accessing typical in-office treatment programs. See if you qualify today!

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    Alcohol & Drug Counseling

    First Step Services offers Alcohol and Drug Counseling Groups. Participants come to First Step for a variety of reasons. Groups include people who choose to receive services because they have become uncomfortable with their drug use.

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    NC DWI Assessment

    A DWI Substance Abuse Assessment is required of everyone who is convicted of Driving While Impaired in the state of North Carolina. You can not receive a Limited Driving Privilege without a DWI Assessment."

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  • Our Vision:

    First Step Services, LLC strives to be a best practice substance abuse and mental health outpatient care provider to the community by integrating comprehensive outpatient care services through a single point of access, by utilizing clinical expertise and by exhibiting outstanding service excellence.

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  • Take the First Step…

    If deductibles, co-pays and related fees are a concern, we will do all we can to assist.

    First Step Services, LLC’s mission is to provide community-based substance abuse and mental health related services to persons served and their families throughout the Triangle region of North Carolina.

    We recognize our responsibility to maintain the highest standards of quality services and care through the employment, retention and promotion of staff who demonstrate an attitude of service excellence and a commitment to all aspects of the First Step Mission.

    We strive to provide an environment conducive to personal and professional growth for our employees, a setting for community/ research and teaching, and a “patient first” attitude toward the day-to-day conduct of our business.

    Take the First Step and Request a No Obligation Appointment Today!

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    First Step Services has 4 Convenient NC Locations:
    Raleigh: (919) 833-8899
    Cary: (919) 651-8349
    Garner: (919) 329-9400
    Durham: (919) 419-0229

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    Professional Profile

    Professional Profile

    Professional Profile in Attorney At Law Magazine

    First Step Services has been profiled in Attorney at

    Cloud 9

    Cloud 9

    A newer trend drug is yet another synthetic drug called "Cloud 9." Cloud 9 falls
  • Client Experiences

    “Initial thoughts about coming into First Step was hesitant and during the initial assessment was a little overwhelmed, but as soon as I started coming to group I knew this is where I needed to be. Great/Excellent staff, very friendly and understanding. Holly is by far my favorite counselor and overall has had an excellent […]

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