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    Client Experiences

    Experiences of actual First Step Services clients.

    ** This Page Randomly shows ‘Client Experiences’ from our large database of Anonymous Client Experiences, unedited, as written by clients themselves.

    Very low point in my life

    "I was forced to come here after a domestic dispute with my husband. It was a very low point in my life. My first few meetings I was bitter I had to be here, but I decided to try make the best of it overtime. I realized I could use the information in group and apply it to my life. I met a lot of great people along the way. It was a humbling experience and unforgettable one.”

    I was skeptical

    At first I was skeptical, but open-minded. I realized I could learn a lot, not just from topics discussed but from all the other people, older or younger, in my situation. After a bit I opened up. Thanks to the wonderful counselor, I became more expressive.

    My first initial impressions were good

    "My first initial impressions were good I honestly was nervous, just because everyone else seemed to know each other. After a few sessions I felt that those strangers were my family and I couldn’t wait to see them the days of our meeting. I learned that alcohol is a really major issue and that more should be done to help those who are addicted. I feel like those dealing with the addition do not have the same resources as others who may have something else. I also learned what it meant to be a “sponsor” and now I want to become one to help others out. I was also educated on many preventive measures and how alcohol addiction is very serious in my community here in Durham. All in all I’m thankful for my new family I met here and the counselor’s for all their support.”

    My experience at First Step has been eye-opening

    My experience at First Step has been eye-opening. When I first came, I thought it was unnecessary and that I was just a high school kid who had a made a mistake. While I still feel that way, however, I see how serious of a mistake it was. Some nights are more helpful for me than others, like the danger signs group or Phyllis’ story. All in all, it has been a good experience.

    My lawyer told me to do a First Step treatment

    What brought me to the First Step treatment was my lawyer. I got a marijuana charge back in the summer. It’s my first time getting in trouble with the law. So my lawyer told me to do a First Step treatment and he would be able to get it dropped from my record. So I did and finished yesterday. However, all groups were awesome. I learned a few things about addiction and how bad it can affect your life. I also got to hear other people’s stories about their lives and how it has affected them in many different ways. Also, the counselor was great. She would give good feedback to me and my fellow group members. Over all it was a good experience, and I hope I don’t come back or go to jail or anything like that in the future.


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  • Client Experiences

    The 14 weeks of group were different that I expected and pertained more toward focusing on the individual and what may have brought about the reasons for substance abuse. I learned about myself, what I valve, what self-esteem issues I have and how to work on things that would improve my path forward. I found

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