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    Client Experiences

    Experiences of First Step Services clients.

    ** This Page Randomly shows ‘Client Experiences’ from our large database of anonymous Client Experiences, unedited, as written by clients themselves.

    My attorney advised I go

    I was advised to attend group following my assessment- my attorney advised I go through the process following my DWI. The program here is strong and offers a safe place to process all of the self-doubt, shame, and disappointment associated with making a terrible decision to drink and drive. I was unquestionably impaired. This has been an eye-opening experience for me as I’ve examined my relationship with alcohol and what led to my decision to drive.

    I was hesitant on what group was going to be like

    At first I was hesitant on what group was going to be like. I didn't want to talk to a group of strangers about my personal feelings and experiences. But after seeing others do just that and how non-judgmental everyone was, I began to open up, and I began to understand what actually brought me to this program. I have learned that drinking is an escape, and a toxic one if I allow it to get out of hand. It destroys not only my life, but also those that I love, especially my son. The group with the Mudges specifically touched me because I saw the extreme impacts of an alcoholic addiction, and to me it was a wake up call. I will utilize the tools and others' advice in my journey going forward. I am thankful for this experience and have learned a new insight on addiction.


    My therapist was excellent

    "I recently spent five weeks in an inpatient rehabilitation center. Prior to returning to work I was advised to take some outpatient counseling. Coming to these groups has helped my understanding of my disease process as well as meeting others who were also shrugging. My therapist was excellent in facilitating these groups as well as allowing me to be open and honest this was a great experience.”

    I enjoyed it

    My treatment experience was very well needed even tho’ it was through court I enjoyed it. I was able to be opened about myself and be myself. I learned it's ok to say that I have a problem and be able to not have to make up other stuff of why I was drinking. The treatment helped me along the way with me changing my thought pattern and I enjoy having a clean mind of seeing things clear. I also was able to open up knowing that I was around strangers that became a great group of people to be around.

    I have successfully stayed sober

    I was initially brought to this program because of the choices I made in my past. I did not like the idea of being forced into this program, I found talking to other people in my same situation to be beneficial. I found that discussing issues with other people helped me with my sobriety. The counselors were there to push me in the right direction. I learned good ways to focus my time while staying sober. I learned that making positive choices will help me avoid facing the same issues that got me here in the first place. I am happy to know this is my last week of meetings, and I have successfully stayed sober.


    Aftercare from Inpatient, Residential & Hospital Programs

    Aftercare from Inpatient, Residential & Hospital Programs

    An aftercare program provides ongoing support and services as people go through life changes post
    NC DWI Offenses

    NC DWI Offenses

    First group at no cost. Begin group counseling before Labor Day and receive the first
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    I was hospitalized for another reason, but while I was in the ER, the doctors noticed classic symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and put me through detox. After detox, my psychologist recommended First Step. I went kicking and screaming. At first, I was intimidated by group therapy, but meeting Tonya and Holly made it feel more

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