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    Client Experiences

    Experiences of actual First Step Services clients.

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    Initially I was very upset that I was required to be here

    “Initially I was very upset that I was required to be here, especially at such a great cost. I am worked through most of the things we discuss and go over in group on my own and with my family but group provided space to help me streamline and clarify my goals and self-expectations. I’m still and will be happy about my situation when I came here or the cost but I feel that for many people, especially immediately after whatever brings them here, and helps them sympathize and empathize with others in their situation, which can be very hard if most of their friends use.”


    Thank you First Step

    “My group and treatment at First Step has been great, with Dharma’s help I have learned valuable lessons about drugs and alcohol addiction all with his help and support from the group have gone by leaps and bounds. I continue to go to meetings and try to be of service. Thank you Dharma, Thank you First Step.”


    Thought I had my drinking under control

    “When I first started treatment I did not know what to expect. I honestly thought I had my drinking under control but over the course of the past month or so I have gained the knowledge I need to sustain from alcohol use all together. Through Dennis lectures and group discussion I now know more than ever the results and consequences of my actions. Alcohol controlled every aspect of my life but not anymore. I am in control of me and it’s fair to say that since treatment I have taken a very deep look at myself and have let go of so much pain and hurt. Life isn’t easy but drinking is never going to make it better. First Step Treatment Center has had a really positive impact on my life and I’m looking forward to continued support. Thank You!”


    I was super nervous

    “What brought me to First Step/treatment was a DWI. At first, I was super nervous but that feeling was immediately gone after seeing how nice everyone was. Tonya was welcoming and easy to open up to. I learned a lot about the effects of alcohol and my drinking. The treatment helped me realize that I don’t have to drink to have a good time socially, and my friends know not to nudge me if I don’t want to drink. The group that affected me the most was [victim impact panel] hearing their personal stories really hit home and will forever be in my mind. If I do choose to go out and drink with my friends, I will leave my car keys at home.”


    Treatment has changed me in a better way

    My treatment was court and DMV mandated, but I talk to a few counseling centers before I decided to follow through with First Step. From the beginning I loved how accommodation everyone has been. Of course, I waited until the end to complete everything, but you all got me in for my assessment ASAP and I started group that week. Everyone has been so helpful with my treatment. The interactions in group have been the most helpful because hearing everyone else’s struggles made me realize that I’m not alone in this recovery. I have learned a lot about myself and what lead up to my situation that got me here. It’s helpful to understand why before getting full recovery. I since have gotten rid of those negative influences. Treatment has changed me in a better way because I want to have a better life and make my parents and family happy.



    Free Substance Abuse Assessments: 1-855-806-5512

    Free Substance Abuse Assessments: 1-855-806-5512

    Do you have a concern about your alcohol or drug use? Do you think you are
    Trust the Process

    Trust the Process

    If someone has been in recovery and 12 Step meetings enough they have heard peers
  • Client Experiences

    “I came to First Step as a result of a DWI charge that I got the last weekend of August. This has been a good experience actually and has helped me try to take this what appears to be a negative situation and turn it into a positive. I have learned ways that I can […]

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