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    Experiences of First Step Services clients.

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    I was really anxious

    Before I started group at First Step, I was really anxious about what my experience would be like. Once I started group. I quickly realized it wasn’t something to dread or be scared of more than anything I feel like group helped me to feel more comfortable about the situation I’m in. While I still feel embarrassed at times, I now know that most people aren’t as judgmental as you think they’ll be. I feel like it was really enlightening for me to hear other people stories and know that many people are experiencing something similar. I also learned that although I made a mistake, it could’ve been worse in many ways, I’m grateful that it wasn’t.


    Anonymous July 24, 2016

    Definitely what I needed to turn my life around

    I believe First Step helped me realize how real my addiction was to different substances, and how I really didn't take it serious many different times throughout the beginning of my sobriety and trying to complete the program. I learned that if I really didn't give 150% throughout the program, then I was likely wasting my time and money. This past DWI was my first, but this process has really opened my eyes to how much of a problem that I caused, and how much worse it could have been if I were to keep driving under the influence on the highway. I've truly recognized that my license and freedom to drive are nothing but a privilege and it is solely up to me in order to keep that under my belt and an option in my life. Treatment was definitely what I needed to turn my life around and get back on track, and I am happy to say that I am still sober to this day thanks to the First Step program and counselors throughout.

    Anonymous November 18, 2016

    I dug myself into a deep and dark hole, secluded from reality

    Two years ago was a very low and unstable time in my life. Pain, confusion, lost, alone, and further pain. Day in and day out, I attempted to drown the truth of what my life had become with alcohol and sex. Afraid to face the challenge of turning it around, I dug myself into a deep and dark hole, secluded from reality. I gained my second DWI during this time period. Fast forward two years, I found out I had forgotten about my alcohol assessment required for the reinstatement of my license. At this point, I have over a year and a half of sobriety from alcohol. I was very frustrated starting this group because of this. But I have enjoyed our group setting and have felt that it has benefited my mentality. The only thing that I did not like was the volunteer story. Just a dated method.

    Anonymous Raleigh Client February 15, 2016

    My initial impressions were how friendly everyone was

    My initial impressions were how friendly everyone was. I learned so much through the 10 weeks, especially about boundaries, communication and choices. It really opened my eyes as to how serious drinking and drugging is. Also I really enjoyed meeting other members of the group. It is nice to hear other people’s stories and life experiences. Thank you to First Step for being so helpful and non-judgmental.

    Anonymous December 23, 2016

    Didn’t know what to expect

    "I was brought to First Step by the NCBON (NC Board of Nursing). Initially I was and didn’t know what to expect. The counselors were great and were non-judgmental, which made this a lot easier. I learned a lot about myself during my time @ First Step and learned a lot of coping mechanisms to help in my day to day living. There were times when I wanted to give up because I didn’t have the money to pay but Randee was a big help with letting me pay what I could within reason.”

    December 31, 2015

    I enjoyed it

    My treatment experience was very well needed even tho’ it was through court I enjoyed it. I was able to be opened about myself and be myself. I learned it's ok to say that I have a problem and be able to not have to make up other stuff of why I was drinking. The treatment helped me along the way with me changing my thought pattern and I enjoy having a clean mind of seeing things clear. I also was able to open up knowing that I was around strangers that became a great group of people to be around.

    Anonymous March 5, 2016

    Treatment was a struggle to get through

    Treatment was a struggle to get through. Individual sessions were easy, but the group was challenging. Holly was very encouraging about staying in group. The addition of a new counselor, Tonya, definitely added some adjustment. Over the course of my treatment, I was able to see how addiction not only affected me in drug use but in other areas such as eating habits. Treatment allowed me to understand what addiction is and how it works. Treatment also gave me the tools to face this addiction so that I can control my own life.

    Anonymous Raleigh Client February 15, 2016

    Counselors really wanted to help

    When I first came to treatment I was already comfortable. I knew the counselors really wanted to help in any way they can. The women’s group helped me a lot. I was able to say anything and always got very helpful feedback. I learned strategies and ways to deal with stress and stressful situations. Overall I know now for certain who I am, the person I want to be and I am not afraid to be myself.

    Anonymous November 18, 2016

    I have learned a lot from First Step

    I have learned a lot from First Step. Especially about addiction and how easy it can be to have one. I never knew that so many people were affected by it. The stories shared during group meetings show how real the struggle can be. The support coming from the counselors is amazing. Being part of this treatment group opened my eyes. I hope to be able to bring help to friends that have questions toward addiction. Thank you for being here.

    Anonymous Raleigh Client December 24, 2015

    I was very nervous and had no clue to what to expect

    What brought me to First Step was my DWI. Before attending my first group I was very nervous and had no clue to what to expect. My first group was very nerve racking because I get nervous talking in front of groups of people. My first impressions of the counselors were, they seemed very inviting and caring. Through check-in in my first group became a little more comfortable. I quickly realized that I was not the only one who was in for what I was in for. I learned a lot about myself and realized that there were many things within myself and around myself that I needed to change. Hearing other group members tell their stories was an eye opener to work more on myself and my education. I have appreciated everyone’s open mind and honesty. First Step is an amazing place. Thank you for everything.” Anonymous

    Anonymous October 21, 2016


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    I wasn’t sure what to expect and was not feeling very hopeful. The people in the group and the counselors made me feel very welcomed and at ease. I really benefited from hearing people talk about how they cope with high stress situations. I learned that I can overcome my urges to drink by using


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