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    Client Experiences

    Experiences of actual First Step Services clients.

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    The group really helped me with my shyness

    “My first impression of the place was I thought the place and staff was very nice. When I entered the program, I thought it was very informative. I'm a shy person and talking in the group really helped me with my shyness. And listening to people's problems helped me with mine. Dharma is a very good counselor and I really liked him.”

    I was like “why am I here”

    “What brought me to First Step is I got a DWI for drinking and driving on a Saturday night. I was on a party bus drinking all night. Left with my friend and tried to drive home fell asleep while driving and totaled my car. My initial impressions of counselors and group, I was very quiet, I was like “why am I here,” but once the group started and saw the old couple presentation I realize, that why I’m here. What was most helpful was just coming to group and learning or becoming educated on what drinking can affect my life and others. What’s more important than drinking? I learned about myself is that I can do other things that are fun with out drinking, stop putting myself around thing that can make me use or get drunk. It changed me in so many ways. It helped my thinking, see others on group help as well. To see that their others who have gone through it made me understand that I’m not alone and just use what the counselors and others in the group has helped me on a day today basics.”

    I have been treated with the utmost respect and dignity

    “This is my second trip to First Step and during both experiences I can say that I have been treated with the utmost respect and dignity, In a situation where I was profoundly embraced and ashamed. I was made to feel at ease. The new location is definitely a plus and much more uplifting. The first time I just went through the motions of group. But this second time the counselor Kim, has made all the difference in me getting the real help I needed to stay sober. Understanding the repercussions of my actions while drinking has been a real eye opener. I don’t ever want to wish another human beings life by getting behind the wheel while drinking. Kim allowed group to be open and inviting so that I could open up at my own pace. I was deterred by one counselor, but knowing Kim was there kept me coming back. I want to continue to attend group for aftercare and after 90 hours I never thought I would say that.”

    Nothing short of exemplary people

    "All of the group leaders and employees here have been nothing short of exemplary people. Kylie, Maya, Monique and Sarah were always positive and willing to treat all people with respect and dignity. Kylie led the group with extreme poise and composure. Having been in and around therapy groups Kylie guides and directs the members’ ideas towards truth and honesty like any expert I’ve met."

    Brought me closer with my family

    “My first initial impressions of group was that I was very irritated of all the hoops and backflips I have to take for a charge that was committed years ago. When I first attended group I felt ashamed and shy to be around people I did not know. I also felt that I would have to overcome huge obstacles to stay on top of payments and other bills after finding out the total amount for the entire treatment program. I really did not say much or open-up in the first group in fear of being judged by another; but I realized that all of my fellow group members are going through different problems and situations such as myself. The group sessions really opened my eyes to a lot the different dangers of using mood altering substances. I also became an open book where I can talk about my problems with others, and broke the ice of me being so shy to talk to anyone. Ever since I started group my relationship with my family have become extremely great and  besides my brother which I am still working on. What was most helpful to me is having some of the best group members making the best of group and having a strong counselor that cares about helping us all. I learned that I can open up with others and that I am a very strong willed person to continue to not use any substance. Treatment has changed me a lot and made me a stronger and more confident person in completely my groups. I do not have a fav group because I liked them all and every last one of them was beneficial. I lived in Raleigh for about a year and a half and I finally met some great people and friends finally with group. I want to say thank you for being so patient and courageous with me in this extremely long journey I am finally complete.”


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  • Client Experiences

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