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    Client Experiences

    Experiences of First Step Services clients.

    ** This Page Randomly shows ‘Client Experiences’ from our large database of anonymous Client Experiences, unedited, as written by clients themselves.

    First Step is a great name for this program

    First Step is a great name for this program. It has been the first step in my reevaluation of myself and in taking new steps to continue my progress as a man. I was able to release stress and get advice on my life issues. I felt welcomed and encouraged to let it go, and with all sincerity my counselor is a blessing. It seems as if she cares, which makes it easier to accept and identify your problems. I will use the tools learned here to make better decisions.

    I felt very comfortable and welcomed here

    What brought me to first step was my DWI/possession charge. At first I was a little intimidated but after my first group I felt very comfortable and welcomed here. What was most helpful was having a good group of people to talk to and having a kick ass “teaching” lol. I learned that I am a strong person than I believed I was.

    I am thankful for this experience

    In November of 2014, I made the reckless and dumb choice to get behind the wheel after drinking. After getting my first DWI, I was brought to First Step. At first I was hesitant on what group was going to be like. I didn't want to talk to a group of strangers about my personal feelings and experiences. But after seeing others do just that and how non-judgmental everyone was, I began to open up, and I began to understand what actually brought me to this program. I have learned that drinking is an escape, and a toxic one if I allow it to get out of hand. It destroys not only my life, but also those that I love, especially my son. The group with the Mudges specifically touched me because I saw the extreme impacts of an alcoholic addiction, and to me it was a wake up call. I will utilize the tools and others' advice in my journey going forward. I am thankful for this experience and have learned a new insight on addiction.

    I was not happy about starting treatment

    “I was not happy about starting treatment. I honestly thought that I didn’t have a problem. After attending a couple of sessions, I decided to give the treatment a fair shake. I came around and learned a lot in the process. I even started looking forward to coming to sessions. The counselors are great and taught me many useful coping tools that I have already started using in day to day life. I especially enjoyed Monday night sessions that are a little more laid back and insightful. My life has taken a large upswing since the treatment and I now feel in control of things and look forward to moving on. All in all treatment changed my life for the better and I’m happy I completed everything.”

    I decided I would put in 100% effort

    After the first group session I decided I would put in 100% effort to leave with a positive learning experience. Group sessions allow everyone to share and receive support rather that to feel punished. That is one thing I will take from this experience that no matter what brings someone into this group is that your fellow group members show humanity and believe in the goodness of each other.


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    I came to First Step at the suggestion of the Resident Doctor at Holly Hill. I knew nothing of the program and expected it to be another religion based 12 step program. In short, I needed help but I was cynical about this place. My biggest goal at the time was to stack my resume

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