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    Client Experiences

    Experiences of actual First Step Services clients.

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    Every group session was an eye opener

    “I got a DWI conviction so I had to come to group for treatment. I thought this was going to be the dumbest class or group treatment that I have ever done. But it was actually not bad at all. It was a way for me to deal with my situation and see other people’s situation as well. Every group session was an eye opener. I feel like I learned a lot from this experience and will take it with me. I liked the activities we did in group. They always had something that I could learn from. The people in group were all good people just people who make poor decisions. Tonya was a great counselor. She made the program fun and informative. She was very easy to talk to and always encouraged us to do more than what was expected. I feel that every group session was very helpful. I learned that I might have a problem making a decision on to drive or not to drive after drinking.” Anonymous


    They listen to what you were saying

    “Very thoughtful and attentive counselors; they listen to what you were saying. Also they were able to pick up on what you were saying by what you didn't articulate. To me, this is very important to getting to the root of something. The groups were a little different for me because of me having to stretch out my sessions. It was good in that I didn't become bored and self-absorbed. I also learned that I can do this finally after all the attempts to do so. I learned through the process to better communicate with my spouse which to me was the core hindrance to us getting better. I learned to finally own up to the path of destruction that I have created. I've always been good at helping others but now I realize it's time to help myself in order to serve others more effectively.”


    My treatment at First Step was a success

    “My treatment at First Step was a success, I was mandated by the court to complete this process and initially I was reluctant and did not know what to expect. I am not a heavy user of drugs or alcohol, but I was still able to gain some knowledge from the experience. My favorite group by far was the V.I.P with Ms. Phyllis. Her words made me aware of the consequences that can occur t others as a result of drinking and driving. I have also learned about the effects substance abuse has on me. The physical and emotional effects of alcohol have been made aware to me and the groups sessions have equipped me with ways to cope, abstain, and help other with the problem. Cynthia and Phyllis both made me feel welcome and are great group leaders. They are excellent at what they do.”


    I initially thought this was going to be a pain

    “I initially thought this was going to be a pain. Dennis turned it form a miserable group to an interactive working session. It was easy to open up and Dennis fostered that environment. I took something away from every session.”


    I have been staying abstinent

    “I came to First Step dew to a DWI in which I blew a 0.20. My first group I was nervous and a bit upset at myself that I had to be there. Throughout my treatment I became more and more comfortable the staff were very nice and helpful as well. Throughout the process I have been staying abstinent from all mood altering substances and treatment has been a huge part of that.”



    Free Substance Abuse Assessments: 1-855-806-5512

    Free Substance Abuse Assessments: 1-855-806-5512

    Do you have a concern about your alcohol or drug use? Do you think you are
    Trust the Process

    Trust the Process

    If someone has been in recovery and 12 Step meetings enough they have heard peers
  • Client Experiences

    “Treatment, despite the circumstances has been a very manful (sp?) educational experience. The counselors were sincere, courteous and knowledgeable.”

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