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    Client Experiences

    Experiences of First Step Services clients.

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    Treatment facility that really cares

    When I first came to first step I did not know what to expect. I soon realized that they are a treatment facility that really cares about helping their clients with their addictions. In the groups that actually help and don’t just do things to kill time. Really what helped me the most was being able to listen to the others in groups that could really relate to and hear how they cope with their problems. Our all my experience at first step was very good.


    Counselors and group very easy to talk to

    “I found the counselors and group very easy to talk to, it was a very comfortable setting. Even though I don’t struggle with an addiction, |I was still able to relate to many of the group discussions. Mostly it was just nice to be among people who are also going through similar and difficult situations and to be in a safe place where you don’t have to fear judgment.”


    Immediately relieved at the level of comfort I received

    I didn't know what to expect when I first came to group. I had never been in anything like it before and I was nervous and unsure about how I would fit in/contribute in the First Step group. I was immediately relieved at the level of comfort I received once group started. There was a level of honesty and trust that the counselors and group members gave me. Encouragement and positive feedback were a big help in maintaining my sobriety. I really enjoyed my time in group and would encourage anyone who is struggling to come to First Step Services in Garner.


    At first I was skeptical

    At first I was skeptical, but open-minded. I realized I could learn a lot, not just from topics discussed but from all the other people, older or younger, in my situation. After a bit I opened up. Thanks to the wonderful counselor, I became more expressive.


    pre-trial on recommendation from my lawyer

    I came here pre-trial on recommendation from my lawyer. I was charged with felony possession of marijuana. I was apprehensive of this program when I first came here, but I am actually happy with my time spent here. Although silly at times with some of the icebreaker activities, the group has allowed me to dig deeper into myself than I normally do. I do believe hearing all the different stories has made me appreciate life more.


    I made a poor decision

    I came here following a DWI. I made a poor decision, and I am now dealing with it. At first I thought of the groups as a punishment I was forced to complete. As the groups went on, I met people similar to me and made friends. With the group’s help, I learned how my drinking really did affect my life and others around me. It was a rude awakening to admit my drinking had become a problem. As the group went on, I learned ways to resist temptation and discovered what my triggers are. In the end, I’m grateful for these groups as they’ve shown me I’m not alone and the help is there if you are willing to accept it. All in all it was a beneficial experience.

    Anonymous Raleigh Client

    Helped reinforce my commitment to staying sober.

    I liked that the information provided by the counselors was valid and applicable to daily life. They explained all material/topics well. Groups were organized and stayed on topic. Attending group helped reinforce my commitment to staying sober.


    Made me want to come to group each week

    I came to First Step because of a DWI. My first two meetings were with Raymond, and he was very kind and helpful. My group counselor actually made me want to come to group each week. The topics that we discussed each week were helpful and interesting. I learned more than I expected. The most impactful groups for me were stages of change, defense mechanisms, and when Ms. Phyllis came to speak as a victim of a DWI. I never want to cause someone that pain she and her family have endured. Treatment gave me a lot of perspective, and I no longer think it's okay to have “just one drink” and get behind the wheel. Thank you First Step for making a difference in my life.


    Nervous and scared to come to group

    At first, I was nervous and scared to come to group, but the group put me completely at ease, and I instantly felt less alone. What was most helpful to me was having other’s stories and feedback and feeling like I had a safe place to share and be honest about what I was thinking and feeling. I was surprised to find I genuinely cared about what was going on with others in the group. I learned not to be so hard on myself, better coping mechanisms, and that life is good. Others have much bigger challenges to overcome. Treatment has me much more aware of how lucky I am, and I need to appreciate that. It opened my eyes to you never know what others are going through.


    I have been treated with the utmost respect and dignity

    “This is my second trip to First Step and during both experiences I can say that I have been treated with the utmost respect and dignity, In a situation where I was profoundly embraced and ashamed. I was made to feel at ease. The new location is definitely a plus and much more uplifting. The first time I just went through the motions of group. But this second time the counselor Kim, has made all the difference in me getting the real help I needed to stay sober. Understanding the repercussions of my actions while drinking has been a real eye opener. I don’t ever want to wish another human beings life by getting behind the wheel while drinking. Kim allowed group to be open and inviting so that I could open up at my own pace. I was deterred by one counselor, but knowing Kim was there kept me coming back. I want to continue to attend group for aftercare and after 90 hours I never thought I would say that.”

    Anonymous Garner


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    Choosing outpatient substance abuse treatment

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    Substance use disorder – screening, referral and placement

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    “A charge and guilty plea followed is what brought me to First Step Services. My initial impression of the group and counselors was very accepting and wise. The best points I took from treatment was (separating drinking from driving, talking in a group setting). Through treatment I’ve learned to not rescue anyone, I can stop


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