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    Experiences of actual First Step Services clients.

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    I would definitely recommend First Step

    “The counselors are very professional and genuinely care for the clients. I became very fond of all my group members. I would definitely recommend First Step to people who need help. I learned a lot from my sessions.”


    Something strange happened to me

    “My initial impression just like everyone else was anger, guilt and why am I here. I got 20 groups and that seemed a lot compared to everyone else. But I accepted my number. The counselors from the beginning were awesome. Both ladies made me feel at ease in a tense situation. Something strange happened to me. When I got here, my attitude was to get this over and go back to life like it was. But after about 4-5 groups I could feel myself thinking different the VIP speaker made a big impact on me. Other group members sharing their experiences made me thin and realize I have to make better choices. Also Phyllis and Cynthia helped my 15 year old son. I have really enjoyed my groups and will miss the people I met here.”


    My family was what made me come to First Step

    “My family was what made me come to First Step. I walked in and was surprised at the feeling of community I felt in the room. I was angry I was here, due to the fact I felt I was okay and needed no help. But I quickly learned I did need help; I had let my life slip out of control and couldn’t lie to myself any longer. I found a large portion of myself here, and was able to press refresh with myself. I am better for this, and feel I am doing a lot for myself. I shine my own light and see so much in my future. I’m thankful for all the people I met and the laughs shared with them. They saved me as much as learning did. I was no longer doing this for my family but instead for me. I might come back for the $5.”


    I never met anyone unkind in group

    “I think my treatment at First step has been very helpful. When I first started attending group, I was very anxious and nervous. My counselors Mrs. Phyllis and Mrs. Cynthia have been very kind and concerned about my well-being. I have learned to calm my nerves in the last few months through mind over matter. All in all this has been a good experience. I never met anyone unkind in group. I could relate to several people I look forward to my legal troubles being behind me and getting my driving privileges back.”


    I had mixed feelings about starting group counseling

    “Like most participants, I had mixed feelings about starting group counseling. Fortunately, Tonya established a great environment with an accepting “feel.” All of the participants had something to contribute and I quickly felt a sort of bond with my fellow attendees. Tonya made each of the sessions unique, informative and for the most part, enjoyable. Even the sessions which were not so enjoyable nonetheless provided me with much food for thought and a deeper insight into my substance abuse. Thanks to all my fellow group members for sharing your stories, struggles and triumphs. As a whole, you have made the sessions so much more valuable than simple lectures. Special thanks to Tonya for establishing and maintaining an environment that has been so open and beneficial in my recovery.”



    Aftercare From Inpatient, Residential & Hospital Programs

    Aftercare From Inpatient, Residential & Hospital Programs

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    “I had various opinions on what group would be like. Honestly, group exceeded my expectations because it was not anything like I expected. I was expecting way worse that what I encountered. There were several people I could relate to in the group and it has motivated me to stay motivated to stay on my […]

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