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    Client Rights Committee

    First Step Services, LLC
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    Client Rights Committee

    First Step Services, LLC welcomes current and former clients to participate on our Client Rights Committee. The Client Rights Committee meets quarterly to protect the rights of clients receiving services from First Step Services, LLC. Client rights include the right to dignity, privacy, human care, and freedom from physical punishment, abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

    The Client Rights Committee meetings are held quarterly, and include reviewing client grievance reports, revising and updating policies and procedures pertaining to client rights, and reviewing and following up on suggestions placed in suggestion boxes. Serving on the Client Rights Committee can be counted towards Community Services hours. Both short and long term commitments are accepted.

    If you are interested, please inform your counselor. You may also contact Holly or Phyllis during business hours at 919-833-8899 or through email holly@firststepnc (Dot) com or phyllis@firststepnc (Dot) com.  (typing the word “Dot” is only to make it more difficult for spammers to get our email addresses – in its place just hit the dot key: .)

    The committee is made up of alumni, past and active clients and staff members who share the common goal of protecting the rights of clients receiving services at First Step, LLC.  Serving on the Clients Rights Committee can be counted towards Community Service hours.

    Lunch is always provided!

    The Client’s Rights Committee meeting took place January 14th, from 1-2pm. Due to inclement weather, no clients were able to attend.

    Upcoming Clients Rights Committee meeting Dates:

    To be posted as available.


    First Step Services, LLC
    211 E. six Forks Rd , Suite 117
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