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    DOT SAP Evaluations:

    DOT Substance Abuse Professional Evaluations are required by the Federal and State DOT whenever any employee regulated by the DOT tests positive for any type of banned substance or positive alcohol test on the job or driving. Evaluations typically take approximately 2 hours. Recommendations and initial reports are typically completed the day of the assessment.

    Henry Tarkington, MSW, LCSW, LCAS, CCS conducts DOT/SAP evaluations. Henry began working in the substance abuse counseling field in 1988, after volunteering in at Polk Youth Center and Wake Correctional system in 1987. Henry began conducting DOT evaluations in 2003.

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    NC DWI Process: Charge, conviction, restoration of license

    NC DWI Process: Charge, conviction, restoration of license

    “I came to treatment on my 2nd DWI charge, pre-trial, and I have enjoyed it.
    Substance Use and the Recovering Family

    Substance Use and the Recovering Family

    The longer alcohol and drug users abuse drugs or alcohol, the worse problems become. Until
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    To get the most out of group I did not think about it as treatment but as therapy. I brought to group my complex issues that include so much more than substance abuse. At first I was hesitant to speak up, but as I listen to others share I wanted to do the same. I


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