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    Not ready for substance abuse treatment?

    Posted on September 5, 2014 by

    It seems impossible to convince the necessity of it to someone who is not ready for substance abuse treatment.  Research shows it could take 5 – 6 treatments to help a person with a serious addiction to permanently stop using alcohol or drugs. Is that too much for a long term change? How much effort is worth getting your loved one, or yourself, the life you truly want?

    How many times does it take a person with diabetes to never eat a sweet treat again? How many efforts does it take a person with heart disease to begin a serious exercise program and healthy diet? A lifetime of treatment? How many treatments are necessary? Daily insulin? Is ongoing high blood pressure medication needed? So… we take the treatment as many times as it takes! What is our life, or the life of your spouse or child, worth?  Do we get angry with people who have these chronic diseases, throw our hands up and tell them we are done with them? Is eating sweets or unhealthy foods less of a life choice for people with diabetes, heart disease, etc.?

    Substance abuse doesn’t require a lifetime of treatment. Usually 1 or 2 complete outpatient treatment completions are all that is necessary. Multiple treatment experiences may be necessary, before a person becomes completely well.  Is recovery less important because it is alcohol or drug use and not heart disease, diabetes, or any other chronic, fatal disease? Recovery usually resolves most difficulties that life’s challenges present. You will be pleased with the changes commitment to a recovery program will produce when practiced over a period of several months.

    You and your loved ones are worth every effort we, together, can put forth. Keep coming back; it really does work if you work it! It works best when the family and the recovering person work it together. It won’t take as long, cost as much or be as challenging as diabetes, heart disease, cancer or other chronic conditions once recovery has taken root .

    Our family program is helpful there is no cost.  SA IOP is the most successful form of outpatient treatment. We will consult with you at no cost to anyone if you have questions. Our family therapist can give good advice.  Call us at (919) 833-8899!

    Henry Tarkington, MSW, LCSW, LCAS, CCS

    “At first I dreaded group.  Thinking that I was alone and no one else was like me.  I was very wrong!  We had in common that we did not know how to cope with life’s stressors without using a substance.  I learned that with the right support and tools I can reach my goals.  Determination and motivation are my guides.  Enjoyed meeting different people overall it was a very good experience.”  Anonymous

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    Anonymous Raleigh

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