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    First Step Services Staff

    Henry Tarkington

    Henry Tarkington, MSW, LCSW, LCAS, CCS Owner/CEO, Clinical Supervisor, Board Chairman

    Sara Shook

    Sara Shook, M.A., LCAS, LPC-A, CS-I, Clinical Director, Board Member

    Holly Haddock

    Holly Haddock-Turbyfill, M.A., LCAS, LPC-A, Program Supervisor, Substance Abuse Counselor/ Therapist, Raleigh Facility

    Kim Harrison

    Kimberly Harrison BA, CSAC, Garner Facility Program Coordinator

    Doreen Runyon

    Doreen Runyon, CSAC, Community Outreach/Marketing Coordinator, Professionals Program Group Counselor, Raleigh Facility

    Rande Conn

    Randee Conn, B.A., CSAC, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, Board Member

    Brenda Schuler

    Brenda Schuler, Administration, Executive Assistant, Raleigh Facility.

    Glenn Ortenzio, BA, CSAC

    Glenn Ortenzio, CSAC Substance Abuse Counselor, Raleigh Facility

    Raymond Cox

    Raymond Cox, B.A., CSAC, Federal Bureau of Prisons Substance Abuse Coordinator, Raleigh Facility

    Monique Sorensen

    Monique Sorensen, M.A., LPC-A, LCAS-A Substance Abuse Counselor, Mental Health Therapist, Raleigh Facility

    Bill Ingraham CSAC

    Bill Ingraham CSAC, Intensive Outpatient Counselor, Raleigh Facility

    Heaher Gallagher

    Heaher Gallagher, M.A., LPC-A, LCAS-A, Substance Abuse Counselor/ Therapist, Durham, Cary Facilities

    Tonya Upchurch

    Tonya Upchurch, M.S., CSAC, LCAS-A, Counselor, Raleigh Facility

    Dixon Arlene

    Arlene Dixon, M.A., LCAS-A, LPC, Counselor and Mental Health Therapist, Raleigh Facility

    Stefanie Borrelli

    Stefanie Borrelli, MSW, LCSW-A, LCAS-A, Substance Abuse Counselor, Mental Health Therapist

    Maya Shmueli

    Maya Shmueli, Cary Administrative Assistant, Front Desk

    Stanice Bolden

    Stanice Bolden, Administrative Assistant/ Front Desk Garner Facility
    Clare Jones

    Clare Jones, Administrative Assistant, Durham Facility


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    • Michael Lazar, MSW, LCSW-A
    • Rene Newman, Administrative Assistant, Substance Abuse Counselor trainee
    • Susann Navarro, LCSW, Mental Health Therapist
    • Joanne Pavegilo, CSAC IOP counselor
    • Patrick May, Finance
    • Matthew Bader, M.D. Psychiatrist


    Anthony (Tony) Porrett M.A., LPC, LCAS, CCS

    Anthony (Tony) Porrett M.A., LPC, LCAS, CCS

    Anthony (Tony) Porrett M.A., LPC, LCAS, CCS facilitates our Family and Community Education (FACE)
    Aftercare from Inpatient, Residential & Hospital Programs

    Aftercare from Inpatient, Residential & Hospital Programs

    Attend your first group for free. Begin group counseling within 2 weeks of your intake during
  • Client Experiences

    I came to First Step due to testing positive for marijuana when I was placed on pretrial probation. Initially, I didn’t want to take part in the group treatment and found the 60 hours to be more than what I felt to be needed. However, after being in the first few group settings, I realized

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