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    First Step Services Staff

    Henry Tarkington

    Henry Tarkington, MSW, LCSW, LCAS, CCS Owner/CEO, Clinical Supervisor, Board Chairman

    Sara Shook

    Sara Shook, M.A., LCAS, LPC-A, CS-I, Clinical Director, Board Member

    Holly Haddock

    Holly Haddock-Turbyfill, M.A., LCAS, LPC-A, Program Supervisor, Substance Abuse Counselor/ Therapist, Raleigh Facility

    Rande Conn

    Randee Conn, B.A., CSAC, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, Board Member

    Raymond Cox

    Raymond Cox, B.A., CSAC, Federal Bureau of Prisons Substance Abuse Coordinator, Raleigh Facility

    Glenn Ortenzio, BA, CSAC

    Glenn Ortenzio, CSAC Substance Abuse Counselor, Raleigh Facility

    Brenda Schuler

    Brenda Schuler, Administration, Executive Assistant

    Kim Harrison

    Kimberly Harrison BA, CSAC, Garner Facility Program Coordinator

    Doreen Runyon

    Doreen Runyon CSAC, ADETS/ Prime for Life Instructor, Raleigh Facility

    Monique Sorensen

    Monique Sorensen, M.A., LPC-A, LCAS-A Substance Abuse Counselor, Mental Health Therapist, Raleigh Facility

    Bill Ingraham CSAC

    Bill Ingraham CSAC, Intensive Outpatient Counselor, Raleigh Facility

    Heaher Gallagher

    Heaher Gallagher, M.A., LPC-A, LCAS-A, Substance Abuse Counselor/ Therapist, Durham, Cary Facilities

    Tonya Upchurch

    Tonya Upchurch, M.A., LCAS-A, Counselor, Raleigh Facility

    Dixon Arlene

    Arlene Dixon, M.A., LCAS-A, LPC, Counselor and Mental Health Therapist, Raleigh Facility

    Maya Shmueli

    Maya Shmueli, Cary Administrative Assistant, Front Desk

    Stanice Bolden

    Stanice Bolden, Administrative Assistant/ Front Desk Garner Facility
    Clare Jones

    Clare Jones, Administrative Assistant, Durham Facility


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    • Stefanie Borrelli, MSW, LCSW-A, LCAS-A
    • Michael Lazar, MSW, LCSW-A
    • Rene Newman, Administrative Assistant, Substance Abuse Counselor trainee
    • Susann Navarro, LCSW, Mental Health Therapist
    • Joanne Pavegilo, CSAC IOP counselor
    • Patrick May, Finance
    • Matthew Bader, M.D. Psychiatrist


    Aftercare from Inpatient, Residential & Hospital Programs

    Aftercare from Inpatient, Residential & Hospital Programs

    An aftercare program provides ongoing support and services as people go through life changes post
    NC DWI Offenses

    NC DWI Offenses

    First group at no cost. Begin group counseling before Labor Day and receive the first
  • Client Experiences

    My initial impression of this group was that it would be helpful for me. One of the most helpful things for me was learning other’s stories. I even learned that my own situation could have been even worse. One thing that I will carry from this is the thinking skills to make better choices and

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