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    What is treatment?

    Posted on November 4, 2011 by Leave a comment

    Treatment for alcohol and drug abuse  is learning about chemical dependency, how it has affected the person using substances and how to avoid returning to problems resulting from using alcohol or drugs. The effect on the family is a  portion of the comprehensive assessment and treatment. Treatment... read more

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    Trust the Process

    Trust the Process

    If someone has been in recovery and 12 Step meetings enough they have heard peers


    Sometimes a person just needs a moment to stop thinking or reacting and chill-out. At
  • Client Experiences

    “What brought me to group was my DUI in 2013. I feel like the group is/was very helpful in my actions on giving up my old selfish ways. At first the counselor Tonya was pretty rough and strict, but then again it could’ve been my attitude towards the group in overall. I think being in […]

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