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    Showing Up

    Posted on June 4, 2014 by Leave a comment

    Recovery is a wonderful thing, and it is important for you to be present and show up. You will learn that when you show up to your meetings, work, school and family things really start to turn around and even look better. Of course there is more to recovery then just showing up, however showing up i... read more

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    Myths about Alcoholism

    Posted on May 20, 2014 by Leave a comment

    There are several false beliefs that we hear at First Step on what defines an alcoholic. Some of these are what people learn from the internet and other people that is a supposed checklist that determines whether you are an alcoholic or not. So we are going to clear that up. Myth 1: You ha... read more

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    A DWI and Recovery True Story

    Posted on November 17, 2011 by Leave a comment

    I was Kicking and Screaming the whole way... A true story of a Problem Drinker and Drug Abuser.

    You can't help him until he wants to help himself. He is not ready to get clean and sober, the court ordered him to come. He is only doing this because he is on probation and is trying to avoid ... read more

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    Substance Abuse and Responsibility  

    Substance Abuse and Responsibility  

    Have you ever had the feeling that addicts act like they are still 14 years
    Shame & Guilt Prevent Treatment and Recovery

    Shame & Guilt Prevent Treatment and Recovery

    Shame and guilt are two of the main reasons substance abusers and their families take
  • Chemical Dependence and Responsibility

    Have you ever had the feeling that addicts act like they are still 14 years old? Do you wonder why they are often unable to fulfill normal adult responsibilities? The 12-Step programs have a theory about that. Recovering addicts and alcoholics believe that when they picked up their first drink or drug, they stopped maturing […]

    sad woman sitting on the floor near a wall and holding her head in her hands

    Shame and guilt are two of the main reasons substance abusers and their families take so long to reach out and accept help. Guilt says “I am doing something terribly bad and deserve to be treated that way.” Shame says that “I am a bad person and do not deserve anything good in life.” When […]

    What brought me to First Step was drinking and driving and being arrested twice. My first impression was that I wouldn’t learn anything and that I would hate it. What I thought was helpful was listening to others and their stories and how they handled their situations, they helped me reduce the want of alcohol […]


    My first thought of treatment consisted of being nervous and not sure of what to expect. Shortly after beginning group I realized that everyone has similar issues but come from a variety of paths in life. I quickly felt in place as I realized that everyone pulled together to give positive feedback. My favorite group […]


    Like everyone else that I have heard say I thought this class was going to be boring and a waste of time; but as I got into group and learned people and got comfortable. I was able to talk and share and really started to enjoy thanks to Tonya and Jessie. You guys were really […]


    First Step is a great place to come to; to receive an assessment and treatment. The group sessions were very helpful in understanding the problems that arise from the substance abuse. The entire staff was very understanding and helpful. I would highly recommend First Step to anyone.


    I came to First Step for a DWI. Even though I was very nervous and frustrated about having to attend group, I believe that it is a great tool put in place whether you are an alcoholic or drink socially sometimes. Personally, I have learned ways to deal with stress, how to communicate with others […]


    What brought me to First Step I was smoking weed. The first time in group I didn’t know what to think, but I really enjoyed everything that I’ve gotten from First Step. I would just like to say that this group has helped me out a lot. It has opened my eyes to so many […]


    Group has honestly helped me deal with my issues. I came here for a DUI, but failed a drug test and realized I needed help with other issues. I know I have upset Cynthia and Phyllis about things. I’m truly sorry you both have helped me in many ways. I have learned to say no […]


    First Step was Awesome! This is the third treatment cent I’ve been to and was by far the best First Step doesn’t try to shove anything down your throat; they leave information on the table and allow you to take it yourself. I think that helps people open up. Neither Cynthia nor Phyllis views us […]


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