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    Substance Abuse Treatment: Treating Chronicity of Disease

    Posted on May 12, 2014 by Leave a comment

    The media reports an argument, and we believe is true, that there needs to be more high quality substance abuse treatment available. There are too few quality programs available to meet the demands substance use has put on society. What is a quality program? How does one differentiate? Why should ... read more

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    Substance use disorder – screening, referral and placement

    Substance use disorder – screening, referral and placement

    Does someone you know need treatment for alcohol or drug use?  Who do you rely on for accurate information
    Treating substance use disorders

    Treating substance use disorders

    "I recently spent five weeks in an inpatient rehabilitation center. Prior to returning to work
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    At first I believed that I already knew everything about recovery. However, if I knew everything I would not be in my current situation. The most helpful group to me was when Ms. Phyllis came in and told her story. Her story was very important because it put into perspective what I could have caused.


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