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    Why Choose Us

    Why Choose First Step Services

    FREE ALCOHOL & DRUG ABUSE ASSESSMENTS:  If you might have a problem with alcohol or drugs and are at least 18 years of age you may receive an assessment at absolutely no charge. There is no obligation of any kind except to call  1-877-762-3750. Due to state DWI regulations, this does not apply for people needing assessments for DWI, or other DMV/DOT assessments.

    Convenient Locations; A Sound Relationship with the local community, including Attorneys, Employee Assistant Programs, local schools & colleges, medical and psychiatric offices and the community at large; Low Prices; Private Setting; Accredited by CARF, in network with most insurance companies, and Licensed by the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services.

    The Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) has awarded First Step Services, LLC National Accreditation to all 3 of our locations.

    First Step Services, LLC is a private agency where your needs are considered first. It is a place where customers can count on being understood and assisted in the most professional, confidential manner possible. We understand and respect the urgency of your situation.

    We are online with the State DWI Services office to complete your DWI 508 report, often clearing your license in 2 – 3 days after completing your program once you have provided us with your conviction date.

    If you come for a court or state required substance abuse assessment and bring all the required information, you will receive the results of your assessment immediately. You will walk out with everything you need to take to court or to your attorney. A letter or report may be promptly forwarded to your referral source or attorney while you are in the office if you need it quickly.

    First Step has a strong working relationship with the local colleges, schools, EAPs, insurance companies,  attorneys and probation officers . We will ensure they have all the information necessary to assist you. We can usually get this information to them the same day when needed.

    We offer low prices on all services with payment plans available. We accept credit cards and health insurance.

    Receive your assessment, intake and groups in a comfortable, private setting where your confidentiality is treated with great respect. Groups are always private and and safe.

    First Step Services, LLC is licensed by the State of North Carolina including a Mental Health Substance Abuse Treatment License, DWI provider code, and full-time Certified Substance Abuse Counselors (CSAC) and Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialists (LCAS), Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors and other counselors and therapists with Masters level credentials.

    First Step Services, LLC provides alcohol and drug counseling services that meet the requirements of  insurance companies, court, probation, parole, employer, school, NC DWI Services, and other agencies with whom you might work. You will have full assistance in working with your family, spouse or significant other, employees, school, friends, attorney, probation officer, etc. if you wish them to be involved.

    Same day assessment services are usually available upon request.

    Our goal at First Step Services, LLC is to provide the highest quality array of services. Our purpose isn’t to tell you that you are an addict and can never have another drink; though that could be the best course for some of our patients. Our goal is truly to help you never have another alcohol or drug related problem of any kind, whether legal, job, family, or social. Would your life, or the life of those who care about you, improve if you never had another problem or even just a concern, legal or otherwise, that involved alcohol or drug use?

    A DWI, possession, paraphernalia or other related charge or arrest can be a frustrating, embarrassing event that seems to send your life reeling in a very undesirable direction. Legal issues involving alcohol or drug use are expensive, time-consuming and cause a host of other related problems. It can be helpful to speak with someone who has extensive training in this area to  assist you to get past the situation and go on with your life. At First Step you will have a counselor who knows the problems through extensive training in a substance abuse specialty.  Staff has a variety of education, training, credentials and sometimes, personal experience. Very few healthcare professions have the amount of specific training and experience in their fields of practice as do our substance abuse professionals.


    National Day to Talk to Teen About Alcohol

    National Day to Talk to Teen About Alcohol

    April 21, 2014 is the national day for parents to talk with their teens about
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    10 Ways to Happiness

    1. Exercise: 7 minutes is all you need, based on an article in the New York
  • My treatment has been beneficial for me at First Step. My DUI brought me to First Step and I had to look at the triggers that caused me to make the decisions. I realized through these sessions what my triggers are and how to deal with them.


    My experience at First Step was absolutely wonderful. I learned more about myself than I had my whole adult life. Our group counselor, Holly, did a fantastic job facilitating the meetings, and no matter what activity or discussion we had, I never left without feeling enlightened and fulfilled.


    I love First Step. I would definitely recommend it to a fellow addict in need. Also the family night portion was very helpful with me and my family. We learned how to have a healthier and happy relationship for all of us. Thank you First Step!


    When I first came in this group I felt like I didn’t really care, but when I came more, I became excited about this group.


    I’m not happy with the situation (that caused me to need treatment) but I’m glad it happened because I’m realizing early enough in my life that I need to be careful with my decisions and use my tools gained from group to keep my life on track.


    The counselors did an outstanding job of lesson planning and their work should be commended. I can now walk into the world with a greater purpose and I will continue to fight for the things that I believe in and will continue practice abstaining for all substances.


    I learned I have a lot to live for and that as long as I know right from wrong and learn from mistakes I can be successful. Thank you for helping me reaches my goal. A costly one that was worth it.


    I came into this program after getting in trouble at school. My first day of coming in I picked a nice seat in the corner, crossed my arms and tried to be invisible. I didn’t think this program would help me in any way, shape, or form. I just wanted to go through the motions […]

    Anonymous Former Adolescent Program Patient

    I have been directly affected in more ways than I am able to explain. Thanks for the support, and I appreciate what each of you has done for me.


    I value my family, my friends, and the air I breathe. My treatment here at First Step has been that of support and caring. I am very grateful to all of my counselors here at First Step. KD


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